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4l80e vs 6l80: Difference Between 4l80e and 6l80 Transmissions. The 4L80e and 6L80 are both automatic transmissions made by General Motors. The main difference between the two transmissions are their size and torque capacity. The 4L80e is a heavy-duty …. Read More.1462 posts · Joined 2006. #2 · Apr 15, 2012. I believe the only main difference is the 4L65E has a 5 gear planetary instead of a 4 gear planetary. Other than that their almost identical and everything in a 65e should swap over no problem. [SIGPIC] [/SIGPIC] 02 Sierra AWD. N/A 6L.

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The 4L60E is a computer controlled transmission. The 4L80E is computer controlled, there is no non-computer version of it unfortunately. You can buy stand alone computers to run those transmissions, but be prepared to pay at the very minimum $600 for one. BS'er formally known as Rebeldryver. Resident Instigator.By Jamie Davenport 8 September 2023. The main difference between the 4L60E and 4L65E transmissions is their torque handling capacity. The 4L60E can handle up to 330 lb-ft of torque, while the 4L65E can handle up to 380 lb-ft of torque. This difference in torque handling makes the 4L65E a more robust and suitable option for higher torque ...Parts needed to complete the 4L60E to 4L80E transmission swap: FLT fully built 4L80E - Finish Line Transmissions 4L80e torque converter - Yank Converters Dealer OEM items: 80e flex plate - PN:12551367 Flex plate bolts - 12563533 Flex plate spacer - PN:12563532 Torque converter bolts - local parts store Lower bell housing - PN:15765723The 4L80e isn't usually chosen for ratios, its chosen for strength. A 4L60e is a terrible transmission for real power. Its unreliable and has many known weak points. I got 3 years out of an unknown mileage 4L80e at ~900 HP with nothing but a cheap shift kit. It was still auto, being shifted by the PCM.

Jul 20, 2023 · The 4L60E and 4L80E are two popular options for automatic transmissions. Although both offer impressive performance, the 4L60E has some disadvantages compared to the 4L80E. One of the primary drawbacks is its lower torque capacity, making it less suitable for heavy-duty applications.Oct 24, 2019 · However, the 4L85E can handle more torque (460 lb-ft of torque) than the 4L80E transmission. It has been rated to handle vehicles with a GVWR of up to 18,000 lbs and 690 ft·lbf (935 N·m) of torque. As a result of its exceptional strength, this transmission is suitable for drag racing, off-road racing, and even custom street driving.4l60e neutral safety switch diagram 4l60e rebuild. Gm harness bypass ignition swith napa firebird4l60e vs 4l80e differences: swap & information [guide] What transmission can replace a 4l60e?4l80e speed sensor. 700r4 differences mechanicbaseBuilt 4l60e Sensor performancetrucks98 chevy transmission, a+b solenoid replace, 4l60e(4).The dowel pins are in the right spot and five of six bolt holes will line up. Most GM transmissions will bolt to an LS without an issue. The problem with the LS engines is the short crankshaft. It is 0.400 in. shorter than previous small block and big block engines. That means the older torque converter pilot is too short to engage the crank.

Will A 4l80e Replace A 4l60e. What transmission can replace a 4l60e? Rebuild valve 700r4 differences mechanicbase. 4L60E vs 4L80E Differences: Swap & Information [Guide] - Mechanic Base. Transmission fluid chevy change gm Transmission fluid change chevy/gm 4l80e/4l85e transmission Gm harness bypass ignition swith napa firebird4l80e vs 6l80: Difference Between 4l80e and 6l80 Transmissions. The 4L80e and 6L80 are both automatic transmissions made by General Motors. The main difference between the two transmissions are their size and torque capacity. The 4L80e is a heavy-duty …. Read More.3/4 Clutch Pack. Your 4L80E has a set of clutches that work with both 3'rd and 4'th gear. It's referred to as the 3-4 clutch pack. A bad 3-4 clutch pack can certainly cause the 3'rd and 4'th gear to stop working. In fact, once the transmission "shifts" into third, it'll feel like you lost the whole thing. ….

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The traditional small-block six-bolt bellhousing pattern is the best and easiest way to identify a 4L60E style transmission if you find one at the swap meet for sale. Starting in 1996, many 4L60E transmissions employed a bolt-on bellhousing. All of the 1998-up cases used behind the LS family of engines used the separate bellhousing style of case.Catrell92. If you have any thought of possibly pushing 450rwhp+ grab the 80e. The 60e burst it's own balls pretty quick under a decent amount of power. Here's my 80e fitment.. I bought mine on craigslist for $90, works good.

juanni. 474 posts · Joined 2006. #5 · Aug 28, 2021. The early versions of the 4L60 had 4 bolt tail end, the 4L80 had six. The 4L60 series had a 27 spline output, the 4L80 series has a 32 spline output. So a TC swap or TC input gear swap is required.The 4L80E on the other hand features 2.48 in first and 1.48 in second, with a 440 lb.-ft. torque rating in stock vs. the 4L60Es 380 lb.-ft. torque rating. But we’re using the 4L60E here, not the power-robbing 4L80E, and adapting the gear ratios to be more efficient for performance is key when optimizing a transmission.4L60E Transmission with Torque Converter 4×4 with Torque Converter - Level 2 $ 3,995.00 $ 3,995.00 Add to cart-4L60E Transmission with Torque Converter - Level 1 ... GM 4L80E Performance Transmission Level 3 $ 4,995.00 $ 4,995.00 Add to cart-GM 4L80E Performance Transmission Level 4 $ 5,995.00 $ 5,995.00 Add to cart-

craigslist in daytona beach When it comes to finding a transmission for an automobile, the 4L60E and the 4L80E are two popular choices. The 4L60E is much more widely available in junkyards, making it cheaper than its counterpart. A reputable local transmission shop can rebuild a 4L60E for somewhere between $900 and $1,200.4L60E vs 4L80E: How to Tell the Difference • Transmission Identification • Learn how to distinguish between a 4L60E and 4L80E transmission based on weight, l... oxnard police department oxnard cavht exhaust paint 4l60e vs. 4l80e. Jump to Latest Follow ... " tire is a lot different 300hp in a 6klb truck pulling 7klb with a 3.73 gear and a 31" tire when it comes to load the transmission sees. I'm not saying you have to go 80e to be reliable. I am saying don't just envision it as a tranny built for 400hp will be fine with my 350hp motor no matter what. realm pop wow 4L60E and 4L80E are both types of automatic transmissions used in vehicles, but they differ in their design and capabilities. The 4L60E is a four-speed automatic transmission used in lighter-duty vehicles. The 4L80E is a heavy-duty four-speed automatic transmission designed for larger and more powerful vehicles, offering increased durability and torque-handling capabilities.6L80e to 4L80e swap. I swapped my 2006 Sierra from a 4L60e to a 4L80e a few years ago and had hptuners do a segment swap and i added the wiring for the rear speed sensor etc so im familiar with the that swap. My truck has a cam, headers, intake, etc... I have a good friend with a stock 2011 Silverado 5.3/6L80e and hes had the trans rebuilt ... recent arrests in tazewell county il98 4runner liftedoreillys auto parts minot nd Well I read on some old thread that there are issues with bolting up Pre 2001 6.0's to 4L60e tranny's. Since you already have a 99-2000 6.0L (they had iron heads) it will bolt right up to the earlier 4l60E. The later Gen IIIs V8's have a different crank offset vs the Gen I 350. So the 4.8/5.3 use a different flexplate/converter. wv dmv kiosk It is fairly simple to make a 4L60E harness from a 99-07 1/2 ton 5.3L truck work with a 4L80E transmission. These same steps will work for an 99-07 Vortec Truck, LS1 99-02 style harness, or 04 GTO harness for that matter (some wire colors maybe different on GTO) Remember 99-02 PCM's used BLUE and RED pcm connectors, 2003+ use BLUE and GREEN PCM connectors. weathertech sunshade reviewsfamily dollar plano txphysics score calculator Now you can afford a pre-tested 4L80E transmission for only $2249.00. As an added bonus you can receive a $100.00 discount on a Compushift Electronic Control Module if you buy this package deal. This would bring the total price of the test driven 4L80E transmission, torque converter and electronic control module to $3348.00.